Obsidian Federated Embed

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Digital Gardens are great for nurturing thought. And, evergreen notes expands but seldom scraped altogether. Therefore, Ideally, to build campfire of multiple gardener, cross-embedding between vaults/gardens.



The publisher, be it a plugin like Obsidian Digital Garden, or a dedicated one will generate a manifest file, let's say, campfire.json to the root of the public URL with this format:

  "version": "1.0.0",
  "last_updated": "<unix timestamp>",
  "content_root": "content root to prepend before content_url",
  "published_root": "published root to prepend before published_url",
  "notes": [
      "title": "Some Title",
      "aliases": ["An alias"],
      "content_url": "relative url accessible from web to get the raw content",
      "published_url": "optional relative publicly available url",
      "last_updated": "<unix timestamp>"


Consumer plugin will leverage existing callout syntax and provide auto-complete to help the user.

> [!FED] URL/path
> <pulled_content>
> updated_at: <timestamp>

The plugin will get the manifest file based on the URL, then load the contents and suggest based on title, alias, and content URL then append the text as quote.

For partial embed, it will support block and header embed like existing syntax. There are also two new syntax for partial embed:

URL/path#:1-3 for line based embed
URL/path#>p:3 for tag-based embed, paragraph 3 in this case.