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Reading Note Convention

This is the convention being followed for all reading notes exported after January 31, 2023 (and some previous exports):

KOReader/Exported Kindle Meaning
Lighten/Normal Yellow Quotables, concepts, and general ideas.
Underline Orange Further thought is required on this for clarity.
Highlighted/Bold Blue Something strikingly novel/Deeply moving/Highly thought-provoking.
Strikeout Pink In discord with this opinion.

In the World

By Maxim Gorky


Page 90 @ March 25, 2016

On one of these occasions, however, I asked him: “Why is every one afraid of you? For you are good.”

ভালো লেখকদের একটা ব্যাপার কমন মনে হচ্ছে। তারা কথা কম বলেন, বেশি দেখেন এবং বোল্ডলি ইনোসেন্ট।


Page 244 @ April 02, 2016

It is painful to remember how many good people in my life I have seen senselessly ruined. People of all nations wear themselves out, and to ruin themselves comes natural, but nowhere do they wear themselves out so terribly quickly, so senselessly, as in our own Russia.

এই ব্যথা, এই সমবেদনাই বড় মানুষ তৈরী করে।


Page 256 @ April 03, 2016

Nothing more than a small boy, an orphan, thirteen years old — and I, nearly four times your age, praise you and approve of you, because you always stand with your face to people and not sideways! Stand like that always, and you will be all right!

And once again, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Page 279 @ April 04, 2016

Not wishing to be behind them in anything, I also fell in love with Miss Ptitzin.



Page 341 @ April 05, 2016

Why do I relate these abominations? So that you may know, kind sirs, that is not all past and done with! You have a liking for grim fantasies; you are delighted with horrible stories well told; the grotesquely terrible excites you pleasantly. But I know of genuine horrors, everyday terrors, and I have an undeniable right to excite you unpleasantly by telling you about them, in order that you may remember how we live, and under what circumstances. A low and unclean life it is, ours, and that is the truth! I am a lover of humanity and I have no desire to make any one miserable, but one must not be sentimental, nor hide the grim truth with the motley words of beautiful lies. Let us face life as it is!

So true…