On Good Life

The simplest of all definitions (and the best) of the good life I found is the one given by Bertrand Russell:

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

This simplicity, however, in need of expansion. It requires a set of rules to be set to build a system of living on it. Depending on what these rules are, we can get very different results.

The way of love is a complicated one. Love is so powerful that all major religions used it to some extent. And what can be considered knowledge is more complicated than love. The question here is of standard.

The emphasis must be made on love without provinciality. Historically speaking, we never lacked love. The problem is, we never lacked hate too. They were there, often marching together to our undoing. Love should be all-encompassing, all-pervading, and bestow us with never-ending blessedness.

Knowledge, I must replace with wisdom here. Knowledge is static. It can be outdated or wrong. Wisdom is a process. It is alive and curious. It will refine and seek purer knowledge over time. Thus, protecting us from the pitfalls of various dogmas.[1]

  1. I'm quite sure, Russell used knowledge and wisdom interchangeably. If so, I'm just playing with words. ↩︎