Thought is Your Enemy

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This is the sort of book that disturbs you. I sought after this kind of book.

To appreciate Krishnamurti, one has to understand the environment surrounding him. In his time, the Occident felt that the Orient had much to offer in terms of spirituality, esoteric philosophy, etc. Gurus of various calibre, some are surprisingly insightful, and most are captivating preached various theories of spirituality across the Occident. The lure of a 'higher level of existence' is too hard to resist.

Krishnamurti, in his youth, believed this to be possible. Disillusionment came in his middle age and he told some bitter truth Occident needed to hear.

One of the core ideas he asserted is essentially Anatman. However, he probably reinvented the concept (though he recognized the similarities) and disagreed with the religious methods of the Buddhists.

The lack of self/consciousness, in turn, negates the possibility of achieving a higher form of consciousness. He asserted that all the religious ways of achieving such a state are futile.

Anatman, along with a theory about how we feel and think, composed a very sceptical strain of philosophy in his mind. In his view, thought is something quasi-memetic. It spreads by cultural induction and is destructive in nature.

Notes from Thought is Your Enemy

Basically, human nature is exactly the same whether in India or in Russia or in America or in Africa. Human problems are exactly the same. All the problems are artificially created by the various structures created by human thinking. As I said, there is some sort of (I can't make a definitive statement) neurological problem in the human body. Human thinking is born out of this neurological defect in the human species. Anything that is born out of human thinking is destructive. Thought is destructive. Thought is a protective mechanism. It draws frontiers around itself, and it wants to protect itself. It is for the same reason that we also draw lines on this planet and extend them as far as we can. Do you think these frontiers are going to disappear? They are not. Those who have entrenched themselves, those who have had the monopoly of all the world's resources so far and for so long, if they are threatened to be dislodged, what they would do is anybody's guess. All the destructive weapons that we have today are here only to protect that monopoly.

Therefore, he believes, thought cannot be used to solve any human problem.

My Take on This Book

I believe Krishnamurti undertook a very honest take on the worth of spirituality. He was not wrong in any assertion he made regarding this subject.

However, his fixation on what is real and what is not seems a little confused. Our reality is what we perceive through our senses and intellect. This much is true. And this is fine for me.

Some of his scientific understandings are also unsound. It may have tainted his idea about reality too.

Notes and Highlights
About Thought is Your Enemy by Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti, Antony Paul Frank Noronha

Offers a compilation of discussions between UG Krishnamurti and various questioners in India, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and UK. This book aims to show that the religious states of bliss and ecstasy can never be experienced, can never be grasped, contained, much less given expression to, by any man.